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The benefits of team building days

The benefits of team building days

The New Forest is the perfect location to escape the mundane and enjoy the extraordinary. An area categorised by gorgeous forestry, open spaces, native heathland and wild ponies that roam free, creating an idyllic backdrop for relaxation and fun! In busy corporate life, it can be hard to get away, create connections and take a minute to pause and re-load on the important things. At the New Forest Collection, you can combine corporate thinking with a relaxing retreat to enjoy corporate team building days with your colleagues and team members. Whether it’s dynamic team thinking by day and fun-fulled activities by night, or simply an excuse to break away and connect with your team, the New Forest Collection provides the perfect setting. 

Benefits of team building days

Improved communication: Team building activities often require participants to communicate and collaborate effectively to achieve a common goal. This can help break down barriers between employees, leading to better understanding and more efficient communication in the workplace.

Boosted morale: A fun, engaging team building day can significantly boost employee morale. It shows employees that the organization values their well-being and is invested in their personal and professional development. Higher morale often translates into increased job satisfaction and productivity.

Enhanced collaboration: Team building exercises can help employees understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and working styles, making it easier for them to work together on future projects. This understanding can foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

Leadership skills development: These events can help identify and nurture potential leaders by placing employees in leadership roles or challenging them with leadership tasks during activities. This can be invaluable for succession planning and organizational growth.

Problem-solving skills: Many team building exercises are centered around solving a problem or completing a challenge. This can improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills among employees, which are valuable assets in the workplace.

Breaking down barriers: Team building can mix employees from different departments or levels within the company, encouraging a more cohesive organizational culture. This can break down silos and improve cross-departmental cooperation and understanding.

Stress reduction: A day away from the usual work environment doing enjoyable activities can be a great stress reliever. This can lead to improved mental health and a better work-life balance.

Creativity and innovation: Team building activities that encourage thinking outside the box can spur creativity and innovation. Employees might bring these fresh perspectives back to their daily tasks, benefiting the organization as a whole.

Identifying strengths and weaknesses: These activities can help highlight the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and the team as a whole. This can be valuable information for management when allocating resources and designing teams for specific projects.

Fun and enjoyment: Perhaps one of the most straightforward benefits is that team building can be fun. Enjoyable experiences shared among colleagues can lead to stronger relationships and a more pleasant working environment.

Team building days in the New Forest

For your corporate team building day, you’ll have the option to enjoy our locations for a little day trip, or perhaps an extended stay overlooking the gorgeous National Park. If work is to be balanced with play, the collection offers a host of meeting rooms available to accommodate teamwork and important meetings with light refreshments and snacks provided. In Bartley Lodge, there are 4 spacious meeting rooms able to hold 20 – 150 guests. Beaulieu Inn also has 4 meeting rooms that can seat 60 – 250 guests comfortably. Burley Manor and Forest Lodge’s meeting venues hold between 10 – 100 guests, and the wider hotels provide a calm and serene environment to enjoy some downtime between working. 

In fact, team building days are the perfect solution to letting off some steam and rewarding hard working staff for all their efforts; proven to help increase productivity, staff relationships, and staff satisfaction and have fantastic knock-on effects for when you and your team return to the office. At the New Forest Collection, we provide a selection of fantastic activities to maximise downtime. From Gin distillery tours to archery and falconry, chocolate-making lessons, inflatable games and even foraging classes, we can provide much needed teambuilding for all, set amongst the beautiful New Forest backdrop. 

Although we are just 2 hours from London, a stay in the New Forest is incredibly magical and very much encouraged. Across the collection of hotels, we offer onsite parking, EV charging and relaxing leisure facilities including indoor swimming pools and wellbeing facilities. Burley Manor is a grand Baronial Manor, known for abundant escapism and striking interiors. Barley Lodge is a beautiful Grade-II listed building set amongst 8 gorgeous acres of land. Forest Lodge is a charming Georgian townhouse with relaxed rooms and lovely gardens, and Beaulieu Inn exudes country charm and relaxed evenings. 

Across the collection, we also have a selection of restaurants and bars, so all your food needs will be taken care of right on your doorstep. Classic British choices from the Bartley Lodge restaurant, contemporary British and Mediterranean-inspired dishes from the Burley restaurant at Burley Manor, and some gorgeous country classics at The Drift, the charming country-style pub just 2 minutes from Beaulieu Inn. 

If you’re considering a team building day for your staff, the New Forest Collection would be delighted to host you. The collection can be found within the New Forest National Park, around 2 hours outside of London with the most local neighbouring cities being Southampton and Bournemouth. Getting to us couldn’t be easier with the A31 and M27 nearby. We have onsite parking at all our locations to ensure all guests can arrive with ease. Local train stations include Southampton Central, Brockenhurst and Ashurst railway station. 

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