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10 Tips for Enjoying a Dog Friendly Hotel Break

10 Tips for Enjoying a Dog Friendly Hotel Break

The New Forest is abundant in gorgeous green spaces, open greenery, striking ancient forests and charming towns with dog friendly pubs, bars and cafes. One of the UK’s best places to enjoy a dog friendly break, next time you’re considering a break with your four-legged friend, the New Forest Collection is a fantastic choice. 

Choose the right hotel: Research dog-friendly hotels that offer amenities for pets, such as welcome treats, dog beds, or designated play areas. Check if they have any size or breed restrictions.

Understand the hotel’s pet policy: Familiarise yourself with the hotel’s pet policy, including fees, the number of dogs allowed per room, and any restricted areas within the hotel.

Pack essentials for your dog: Bring your dog’s food, water bowl, leash, waste bags, a favourite toy, and a bed or blanket. Don’t forget any necessary medications and a first-aid kit.

Keep your dog comfortable: Help your dog acclimate to the new environment. A familiar blanket or toy can provide comfort and reduce anxiety.

Exercise your dog: Ensure your dog gets plenty of exercise. Look for nearby parks or walking trails. A tired dog is less likely to be anxious or disruptive.

Be mindful of other guests: Keep your dog leashed in common areas and ensure they’re well-behaved around other guests and pets. Not everyone is comfortable around dogs.

Plan your itinerary: Look for pet-friendly activities and restaurants in the area. However, also plan some activities that your dog may not be able to join, and consider what you will do with your dog during this time.

Never leave your dog unattended: Unless the hotel policy allows it and your dog is comfortable being alone in a new environment, avoid leaving them alone in the room. This can prevent anxiety-induced destructive behaviour.

Manage barking and noise: Be considerate of other guests by managing excessive barking. Bring along a toy or a chew to keep your dog occupied and quiet, especially if they tend to bark when in unfamiliar environments.

Cleanup after your dog: Always clean up after your dog, both inside the hotel and in any outdoor area. This helps maintain a pleasant environment for everyone.

Staying at NFC

The New Forest Collection is an incredible collection of hotels dotted across the New Forest National Park. A collection of charming hotels with unique character and charm and dog-friendly bedrooms, making dog-friendly stays in the New Forest a truly magical escape. 

From roaming around the National Park to retiring to the warming fires off The Drift with a cold beverage and a fresh bowl of water, your stay at the New Forest Collection will be memorable. The Collection includes several hotels: the grand Baronial Manor House, Burley Manor, charming family and dog-friendly Bartley Lodge, quaint Forest Lodge, and characterful Beaulieu Inn. Dogs are welcome across the New Forest Collection in a number of different room types. All the bedrooms are cleaned to a very high standard so you won’t even know they were there before you. However, we do respectfully ask you not to allow your dogs on the bed or furniture. 

At Forest Lodge, Burley Manor, Bartley Lodge and Moorhill House dogs are priced at £15, whilst at Beaulieu Inn dogs are free. 

While staying at the New Forest Collection, you’ll find an abundance of fantastic things to do whether you’re exploring the 8 acres of Bartley Lodge’s gardens, hiking through the New Forest National Park, or exploring the nearby towns of Burley, Beaulieu and Lyndhurst, dogs are welcome everywhere and can make your trip to the New Forest a truly wholesome and relaxed experience. 

Whether you’re joining us with the kids, or for a relaxing break with your partner and the pup, the New Forest Collection has an abundance of fantastic facilities to ensure a fabulous stay. From cosy and comfortable rooms to onsite swimming pools, picturesque gardens and onsite dog-friendly bars and restaurants. You simply will have never had a dog-friendly escape like this! 

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