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Green butterfly

Green Butterfly

Over the past few years, we have been extremely busy expanding our forest focus. From educating our teams and visitors of the New Forest Code to actively pledging to nurture our foundation, grow sustainable relationships with fellow New Forest partners and contribute to the wonderful work of Love the Forest.

To celebrate our ongoing initiatives we’ve crafted the Green Butterfly. A symbol of our dedication to protect, care for and prolong the future of our home which unites our company heritage and New Forest location.

Wherever a green butterfly is found, a huge amount of behind-the-scenes research has been conducted to ensure we are doing all we can to better our environmental contribution.

Our Forest Focused Initiatives

Join us and develop your own sustainable initiatives

    New Forest NPA Sustainability

    New Forest Collection pledges

     Love the Forest 

     New Forest Marque

     New Forest Code 


100% Renewable Energy

Our energy is 100% offset . We have worked with a Pozitive Energy, meaning our business is able to compensate for our CO2 emissions while supporting projects which deliver a range of environmental, social, and economic benefits in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Bug Hotels

We have introduced Bug Hotels across our Collection, extending the warmest hospitality to our resident insects and invertebrates.  Bug Hotels are incredibly easy to create, ours are built from discarded off cuts from bushes and trees we have landscaped. The benefits of such are:

     Broaden our understanding of nature

     Many of your garden’s pollinators are solitary insects like butterflies, moths, ladybugs and solitary bees. These insects do not live in colonies and must find a warm, dry space to build their nests and to hibernate over the winter.

     They can be beautiful works of art that enhance the appearance of your garden as well as being functional.

Ditching Pens for Recylced Pallets

Where possibly we are keen to reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic used in our venues, that’s why we’re ditching our pens for recycled pencils, made from old pallets. Giving the pallets a new lease of life, whilst serving the needs of our hotels, well what could be better.

Eco-friendly carbon-neutral air fresheners

Installed across our Collection , the Phs Airscent Eco, are an eco-friendly, carbon-neutral alternative to plug-in or non-biodegradable gels or silicone scents. Using natural airflow to disperse your choice of fragrance.

     Battery free and silent operation

     Fully recyclable with organic central core

     Aerosol and liquid free

     Certified carbon neutral and VOC* exempt

Love the Forest

As proud members of the New Forest community , protecting our home remains one of our top priorities, but so too does guest educations. Love the Forest is a Charity helping fund incredible works in conservation, education and volunteering projects throughout the National Park. We ask guests to actively donate £1 of their stay to Love the Forest and in doing so have raised over £90,000 in the last eleven years.

Beehives at Bartley Lodge

In the summer of 2022, two beehives were installed in Bartley Lodge’s beautiful landscaped grounds. The introduction of bees  has allowed us to maintain our wonderful garden walls and flowerbeds, whilst supporting the New Forest’s eco-system.

    Bees are critical to agriculture and growing food

    90% of wild plants rely on pollinators like bees to survive and thrive

Bird Boxes

Given England’s temperamental climate , the installation of 60 bird boxes across five venues has generated necessary shelter for a number of birds native to the New Forest. They also offer wonderful entertainment to our guests whilst enjoying a light bite on the terrace or nature watching from a window.

Compost Bins

Recognising waste as a large environmental and economical stumbling block within the hospitality industry has seen us begin introducing compost bins across our Collection. The benefits of such are:

     Improving soil health

     Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

     Recycling nutrients

     Mitigating the impact of droughts

Recycled Doormats

Welcoming our guests with the our New Forest Hospitality extends far beyond a friendly face and personalised service at New Forest Collection. With the introduction of welcome mats made from recycled fishing nets, we greet our guests with our sustainable values from the offset.

Linen and Towel Reuse

Linen & towel reuse programs offer our guests the option to reuse their linens and towels more than once. This allows us to reduce our water, energy, labor, detergent and sheet/towel replacement use, bettering our environmental contribution.

     Lower water and electrical use from washers and dryers

     Less wear on towels from the washing machine

     Less hours spent on housekeeping

Plant-based Toiletries

Found in all bedrooms and public bathrooms, our 100% recycled, plant-based toiletries are supplied by Care About Earth. A passionate organisation determined to reduce their environmental impact whilst delivering the highest quality products for our guests to enjoy.

    Recycled cardboard packaging

    Recyclable paper

    Recyclable stone-paper packaging

    Plant-based raw materials

    100% bio-sourced

    Refillable packaging

    Do not use ingredient with animal origin

Enzyme-based Cleaning solutions

Utilising concentrated enzyme-based cleaning solutions within the kitchens and and public areas reduces the need for excessive water transportation from production to end-use, whilst enzyme-based solutions break down the dirt molecules and poor smells, rather than terminate the bacteria.

Refillable Water

Refillable still and sparkling water bottles are available in all bedrooms throughout the Collection; reducing the use of single-use plastics.


Team members from Bartley Lodge and Central Office joined a volunteering group alongside the New Forest National Park in chopping nuisance birch trees to make way for heathland growth. Volunteering sessions are available throughout the year and we urge anyone interested to visit https://www.newforestnpa.gov.uk/communities/volunteer/ 

Ranger Showcase with Erika Dovey

We take our responsibility to educate our guests on how to safely adventure the New Forest extremely seriously and this begins with ensuring our team members have the necessary tools to do so. South Ranger Erika Dovey joined our team members during autumn 2022 to ensure our knowledge of the National Park was top notch, including sharing the New Forest Code and putting to bed any myths which may have cropped up throughout the years.

New Forest Marque

Committed to sourcing ingredients from as close a radius as possible and more importantly sustainably, our entire collection is recognised by the New Forest Marque for championing local produce on our menus. From picked-that-morning vegetables, freshly caught fish from in-shore day boats, free-range meat from local farms and eggs from happy hens, we’re so pleased to be able to support small artisan producers and their families.

New Forest & Hampshire County Show

During the summer of 2022 and 2023, we were pleased to support the New Forest & Hampshire County Show in sponsoring the Local Produce Area and Countryside Area Kitchen. It was a brilliant day celebrating all things New Forest and welcoming its prosperity for many years to come. Our chefs demonstrated the taste of the season alongside many other talented personnel. We also supported the New Forest Marque by distributing Local Produce Guides to passers by.

Supplier Visits

Understanding the journey our dishes is incredibly important to us, as the heritage and traditions which guide many of techniques used by our partners are what makes New Forest produce truly one of a kind. We have had the privilege of visiting the Commoner’s Larder, New Forest Spirits, New Forest Shortbread, New Forest Fruit and many more local businesses, with many featuring within our Forest to Fork series, which can be found here

Electric Vehicle Charging

Harnessing sustainable travel is incredibly important to us, especially given our unique New Forest location. EV charge points can be found across our Collection. Each hotel, excluding Burley Manor has a BP Pulse and a BP pulse (50KW). Burley Manor has a 13-amp champing point, perfect for intermittent charging. All electric car charge points are chargeable.

Electric Maintenance Van

As our Maintenance Team tour the New Forest daily, it was only right we lead by example with our Electric Maintenance Van. Give the team a wave if you drive by, you won’t miss it’s electric green design.

The Queen’s Green Canopy

In celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, we planted a number of trees across our Collection.

     Shingle Oak


     Cherry Tree

Biodegradable Coffee Pods

Given the increasing awareness regarding harmful coffee pods and their inevitable ending in landfill, we have introduced biodegradable coffee pods to Burley Manor, made by Tupinamba Coffee. The main raw materials used are starch, glucose, vegetable fibers, inorganic filler materials, and biodegradable additives




Lawns to Meadows

In 2020, we ditched our lawns for meadows in the gardens of Burley Manor and Bartley Lodge to encourage insects, invertebrates and birds to interact with the land.

Sustainable awards & recognition

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