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Massage In The New Forest


Sometimes we all just need a little break from the bustle of normal life and some good old fresh air tonic. We believe there is no better place to spark some relaxation and rejuvenation than in the New Forest, where you’re surrounded by nature, fresh air and endless picturesque surroundings.

Rejuvenate with a New Forest retreat at Burley Manor, where the wellbeing of guests is our main priority. Burley Manor is a peaceful and tranquil sanctuary surrounded by nature’s finest things; perfect for cleansing the heart and soul. Our treatments feature the finest Temple Spa products and tailored therapies which harness the healing and boosting power of natural botanical ingredients to cleanse, rebalance and restore.

What’s more, at Burley Manor, alongside your choice of aromatherapy-infused super-luxe facials, Mediterranean massages or deluxe body scrubs, you will also enjoy a moorish afternoon tea complete with a glass of champagne.

spa treatments in the New Forest

Mediterranean massages

The Mediterranean culture is at the heart of everything we do at Burley Manor, which is why there is an abundance of products, philosophies, ingredients and Mediterranean treatments available including:

Drift Away – a relaxing Mediterranean massage starring a combination of essential oils – guaranteed to have you drifting away. This massage will help soothe nerves, relaxing the muscles and the mind. It’s the perfect wind-down to take your mind off of any stressful thoughts.

Rocks of the Mediterranean – This is a popular thermal stone massage using warm basalt stones to massage the body from head-to-toe. A heavenly warming treatment that works on energy points located throughout the body this massage aims to rebalance and harmonise. It will leave your muscles relaxed and rejuvenated.

In good spirits – Designed to leave you full of vitality thanks to the blend of Mediterranean essential oils including ginger, lemon and bergamot that are carefully chosen to stimulate and refresh the skin, body and soul. The massage movements encourage circulation
and stimulate the whole body to leave you feeling energised and full of life.

All of the massages above can be tailored to your preferred length of time.

spa treatments in the New Forest

Pregnancy massage in the New Forest

Our pregnancy massage at Burley Manor, entitled New Beginnings, is especially designed without the need to lie on your belly, and will certainly prepare you for their arrival.

During this treatment our experienced and dedicated therapists will work those sore, tired and aching muscles with a full body massage, complete with a face and scalp massage leaving your skin feeling baby soft all over.

massage in the New Forest

Sports massage in the New Forest

For all those aching muscles, we have the perfect sports massage for you. Entitled ‘Work It Out treatment.’ This detoxifying massage will sculpt your body, helping relieve fluid retention and work out tired, aching muscles, using the ingenious Work It Out detox massage oils. It’s a deep tissue, body boosting massage using techniques that will really give your muscles a workout.

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