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Things to Look Out for in the New Forest National Park in Spring

Things to Look Out for in the New Forest National Park in Spring

The New Forest is an incredible realm where ancient woodlands whisper and wild ponies roam freely. The captivating National Park in southern England is where time seems to slow down and ancient secrets are told. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast seeking tranquil walks beneath towering oaks, a history buff intrigued by medieval villages and ancient monuments, or simply a traveller yearning for a restorative escape, the New Forest offers something truly special.

To truly immerse yourself in the New Forest’s charm, consider an extended stay with the New Forest Collection. Boasting a selection of charming hotels and idyllic settings nestled within the National Park, the New Forest Collection offers the perfect base for your exploration. Unwind in beautifully appointed rooms, enjoy delicious local cuisine, and enjoy seamless access to nature’s wonders. 

Whether you’re a young family looking to enjoy the beauty of spring in the New Forest or a romantic escape with your partner, the New Forest Collection will certainly provide a striking and memorable stay.

What to look out for in the New Forest National Park in Spring

Blooming wildflowers: Spring sees an array of wildflowers blossoming throughout the forest. Look for bluebells, particularly in the ancient woodlands, where they create stunning blue carpets. Primroses, wood anemones, and wild daffodils are also common.

Birdwatching: Spring is an exciting time for bird enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for migratory birds returning to breed. Species like the chiffchaff, blackcap, and nightjar can be spotted. The New Forest is also home to rare birds like the Dartford warbler and the European honey buzzard.

Newborn animals: Spring is the lambing season, and you might see newborn lambs in the fields. It’s also the time when New Forest ponies and cattle give birth, so you may encounter foals and calves. Remember to keep a respectful distance, especially from protective mothers.

Bustling pond Life: The ponds and wetlands come alive in spring. Look for tadpoles, newts, and a variety of aquatic insects. The sound of frogs and toads can often be heard around these water bodies.

Vibrant greenery: The trees and bushes start sprouting new leaves, creating a vivid green landscape. The ancient oaks and beeches of the New Forest are particularly impressive as they come into leaf.

Butterflies and bees: With the blooming flowers, butterflies and bees become more active. Keep an eye out for species like the Brimstone, Peacock, and Red Admiral butterflies.

Walking and cycling trails: Spring weather is ideal for exploring the numerous walking and cycling trails. The softer light and milder temperatures make for a comfortable and visually rewarding experience.

Historical sites: The New Forest is rich in history. Visit places like the Rufus Stone, Beaulieu Abbey, or the historic shipbuilding village of Buckler’s Hard. Spring is a great time to explore these sites without the peak season crowds.

Changing landscapes: Notice the change in landscapes, from open heaths to ancient woodlands, and the transition in colours and textures they undergo in spring.

Stargazing: On clear spring nights, the New Forest, with its low light pollution, offers excellent stargazing opportunities.

Staying in the New Forest

The New Forest Collection provides the perfect base to enjoy the gorgeous gems surrounding the area. Whether you’re an activity thrill seeker or a couple looking to get lost in the romance and charm of the sweeping green spaces, we can accommodate you. 

Our selection of charming hotels provides a unique stay within the New Forest National Park, complete with abundant facilities and breathtaking sights surrounding. The hotels that make up the collection include the adults only Burley Manor, a grand Baronial Manor House hotel that offers a selection of beautifully romantic bedrooms and fantastic service. 

On site at Burley Manor, you’ll also find access to Temple Spa wellness treatments available, as well as the opportunity to enjoy some delicious dining at the onsite restaurant where contemporary British meals meet Mediterranean influences. 

The other hotels in the collection include the charming Georgian townhouse, Forest Lodge. Forest Lodge offers an onsite swimming pool, calming, cosy rooms and beautiful gardens. As well as a great location just minutes from the foodie ‘capital’ of the New Forest, Lyndhurst. For keen foodies, Lyndhurst is a fabulous location to explore by eye and mouth, tasting a lot of the fantastic locally sourced foods available. In Beaulieu, you’ll find the beautiful Beaulieu Inn providing elegant interiors and charming gardens perfect for exploring. Just next door you’ll find The Drift Country Pub, perfect for cosy nights in front of a fire and a nice cold drink after exploring the New Forest National Park. 

Lastly, Bartley Lodge is another wonderful choice for your New Forest stay. The hotel is nestled within 8 gorgeous acres of grounds, providing a serene and green backdrop to your New Forest escape. The rooms here provide the chance for rest and relaxation and you’ll find plenty of great things to do in the area. 

Additionally, Bartley Lodge, Beaulieu Inn and Forest Lodge each boast an indoor swimming pool, a fabulous addition should you wish to bring little ones for a spring escape. Each location also boasts abundant parking, EV charging facilities, onsite bars and restaurants and beautiful gardens and landscapes that surround it. 

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