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10 Tips for enjoying a family hotel break

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10 Tips for enjoying a family hotel break

Imagine waking up to the gentle whinny of ponies outside your window, breathing in the crisp forest air, and setting out to embark on daily adventures through ancient woodlands and charming villages. This is precisely the magic waiting for your family in the heart of the New Forest, and the New Forest Collection is your key to unlocking it.

Nestled amidst the sprawling beauty of this national park, the New Forest Collection offers a diverse range of hotels, each with a unique character and charm. Abundant in gorgeous gardens and sweeping views across the New Forest National Park, your family stay with the New Forest Collection will certainly be one the entire family remembers.

10 Tips for enjoying a family break

Choose the right hotel: Research and select a hotel that caters to families. Look for family-friendly amenities like swimming pools, kids’ clubs, and family-oriented activities. Ensure the hotel is in a convenient location, close to attractions that interest your family.

Book a family-friendly room: Opt for a spacious room or a family suite. Ensure there’s enough sleeping space for everyone. Some hotels offer rooms with bunk beds or adjoining rooms for families, which can be ideal.

Plan your itinerary in advance: Research local attractions and plan a flexible itinerary that includes activities for all family members. Don’t over-schedule; leave room for spontaneous adventures or relaxation.

Pack smart: Bring essentials like snacks, reusable water bottles, first-aid kits, and any specific items your children need, like favourite toys or bedtime books. Remember chargers for electronic devices and any necessary adapters.

Check for family discounts and deals: Look for family packages or special deals that include meals, activities, or discounts on local attractions. These can offer great value and simplify planning.

Establish a routine: While vacation is a time for relaxation, maintaining a basic routine, especially for young children, can be helpful. Stick to regular meal times and bedtimes to keep everyone in good spirits.

Use hotel amenities: Take full advantage of the hotel amenities. Spend time at the pool, engage in on-site activities, and if available, let your kids participate in supervised children’s programs.

Safety first: Familiarise yourself with the hotel’s safety features and discuss safety rules with your children, like not opening the door to strangers and staying where you can see them.

Dine wisely: If eating at the hotel, check out the kids’ menu options. Consider dining early to avoid busy times, and don’t hesitate to ask for child-friendly accommodations like high chairs or crayons to keep kids engaged.

Relax and be flexible: Perhaps the most important tip is to relax and go with the flow. Not everything will go as planned, and that’s okay. Being flexible and maintaining a positive attitude will help the whole family enjoy the experience more.

Staying at the New Forest Collection

The New Forest Collection offers a range of charming hotels for your family stay, with a selection of rooms suitable for the whole family – including the four legged ones.

The hotels in the collection include the beautiful Bartley Lodge, a Grade II listed country home with an indoor pool and eight acres of grounds to roam and explore, perfect for families who love to get out and feel active. Outside of the grounds or perhaps just across the way, you may even spot the free-roaming New Forest ponies and donkeys, as well as the gorgeous leaping deer native to the area. Imagine waking up for breakfast and heading out into the National Park and spotting the deer and ponies. What a sight to behold!

Another gem of the New Forest Collection is Forest Lodge, a historic Georgian townhouse with ounces of character. Here, you’ll find picturesque gardens, relaxing rooms built for rest and relaxation and an indoor swimming pool, perfect for tiring out little ones. This boutique hotel is just minutes away from the delightful town of Lyndhurst, known for its foodie-focused community and abundance of delicious food and drink available. Why not take yourself and the little ones on one of the New Forest walks and make your way into Lyndhurst to try something delicious at a local cafe?

Beaulieu Inn is another darling hotel in the collection, quaint and beautiful, complete with pretty gardens and providing the perfect family-friendly haven for you and your family. Beaulieu Inn also offers an indoor swimming pool, as well as beautifully decorated, nature-inspired rooms. Here, you’ll be in a fantastic location to enjoy some of the wider New Forest activities, such as the Reptile Centre, the Red Deer Sanctuary and the Motor Museum, not to mention exploring all the local towns and villages and learning about their medieval history. Just next door to Beaulieu Inn, you’ll also find the charming country pub; The Drift. Known for great, locally sourced menus perfect for families, The Drift is the perfect place to enjoy a hearty meal after a wholesome day out in the New Forest.

The entire collection of hotels is truly exceptional for a family escape, with onsite parking, EV charging, dog-friendly rooms and unmatched service. The nearest major cities to us are Southampton and Bournemouth, with the towns and villages of Lyndhurst, Beaulieu, Brockenhurst and Burley all nearby and easily reached by public transport or car.

Getting to your chosen New Forest Collection retreat is simple with the nearest airport located in Southampton and the nearest train stations being Southampton Central, Brockenhurst, Totton and Beaulieu Road. Driving here is easy with quick access to the M27 and the A31. Allow the charming sites of the New Forest to enchant you as you make your way here.

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