Top 3 Heather Spots

September, 2020

Sweeping across our vast heathlands and exploding into a bright carpet of purple and pink, the New Forest heather is a truly magical sight to see this time of year. So, we’ve put together our top 3 locations to see it.

Bratley View, near Lyndhurst

Situated just past Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary, adjacent to the main A31 running across the foresy, it gives a stunning view across a small valley, covered in purple heather, ancient trees and if you’re lucky you may spot one of the five types of deer that live in the New Forest.


Goatspen, near Burley

On the road between Burley and Brockenhurst, you’ll find glorious sights of the heather. On the side of the road where the car park is located, you will see lots of heather mixed with the lovely grassland, where our famous New Forest Ponies usually wander, and if you walk safely to the other side of the road, you will see an expanse of heather all the way to the trees far in the distance.


Burbush Hill, near Burley

Another beautiful location on the outskirts of Burley, here you’ll be able to enjoy exploring a circular walk up the hill, along the old railway line and down to Whitten Pond, all of which is surrounded by beautiful heather.





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