We’ve Closed our Doors for a Little While…

October, 2020

You’ll have heard us say, our historic and stately Bartley Lodge will soon be getting a grand new look, and earlier this year, we began with its restyling, room-by-room. But then things slowed down and the past few months, we’ve been re-thinking plans, gathering inspiration from you, and re-imagining our interiors, creating a newer vision.

To help make it happen, we’ve had to make the huge decision to close our doors this winter, giving us much-needed time to renew our character, create new living spaces and elegantly restoring our interiors, ready to welcome you back next spring.

We’ll be redecorating thirty of our rooms, completely refurbishing another five, renovating our indoor pool and changing spaces, re-designing our footprint, and tackling some essential maintenance behind the scenes.

During this time, we will continue to stay in touch through social media, our newsletter and in-house magazine, Forest & Home.

This will only be for a short time, and we very much look forward to welcoming you back to enjoy our transformation.

Very best wishes,

Charlotte Barrington, General Manager and team

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