Summer in the New Forest

June, 2017

A summer stay-cation in the New Forest is an experience to be had by all. From day to night there are plenty of sights to see and places to go.

The trees are full and in all the shades of green, creating a canopy of shade across the whole of the New Forest. Wild flowers begin to spread including foxglove which can be found at the edge of the woodlands from June to August. Bees and other insects are regular visitors that appreciate the flowers’ copious supplies of nectar.

Across the heathlands you’ll find heather flowering in pinks and purples, inside the woodlands you’ll smell the richly scented honeysuckle and see it bloom through June to September. Another special sight to see across the heathlands are orchids; the New Forest is home to an impressive fifteen species of wild orchid – Though for some you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled as they only bloom in few locations.

Baby foals are still being born across the commons, along with calves and even adorable little donkey foals! Throughout the summer month badgers can often be seen above ground before darkness falls. More species of deer can also be seen from fallow, red, roe, sika and muntjac – The youngsters appear around July.

Head to the wide expanses of our ancient New Forest commons on a summer evening for a wildlife fiesta. These magnificent heathland landscapes are home to swooping bats, rare and beautiful moths, plus a magnificent dusk chorus, including the elusive chirring nightjar. The European nightjar can be heard across the commons as evening falls – Find an open, secluded spot on the heathlands and listen out for their unique chirring call. These birds give fantastic aerobic displays as the males court the female and defend their territories.

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