Charming home to Moorhill House Hotel

Historic Burley

September, 2016

Untouched by time…

Tea rooms, gift shops, art galleries and even a cider farm! Burley features everything you would expect from a traditional New Forest village.

Witchcraft in Burley developed during the late 1950’s when a white witch named Sybil Leek lived in the village. Sybil walked around the village donning a long black cloak, accompanied by her pet jackdaw. From broomsticks to cauldrons, there are plenty of witchcraft souvenirs that can be purchased from the local gift shops. The famous Coven of Witches will leave you spellbound!

Oozing old world charm, with ponies and cattle roaming the village and pretty thatched cottages lining the quaint village roads, Burley has remained untouched by time. Visitors are sure to unwind and enjoy the tranquillity, whether relaxing with a cup of tea or a refreshing pint – there’s plenty to discover!

Outside the village, explore the nearby heathland for good walking, cycling and riding – or take a tractor safari ride in Burley Park to see the neighbouring red deer in action.

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