Help Us Care For The New Forest

Be a Friendly Forest Visitor

November, 2016

When joining us for a break away in the New Forest we want you to enjoy yourselves but it is also important to us that you follow a few simple guidelines in order to keep the New Forest special for future generations.

Bringing your furry friend with you is something we encourage during your visit – we’re super dog friendly and there’s nothing quite like having them by your side on a ramble through the New Forest. If you are taking your dog out and about, please do remember to keep them close by and visible at all times. Cleaning up after them is also important which we’re sure you know! Especially around public footpaths, car parks and anywhere that other people will come to play or eat.

If you’re planning a cycle ride whilst you’re here we recommend enjoying the extensive network of off-road tracks as these aren’t only safer but also allow you to witness the breath-taking views inside the forests and across the heathlands. When approaching dog walkers or horse riders please take care to slow down and let them know you’re there. If you’re cycling on the road remember to wear bright colours so that you stand out amongst the greenery, try to leave gaps for overtaking cars and never ride more than two beside one another.

New Forest ponies, donkeys and cattle are used to forest visitors but please take care when passing them in cars or on foot. Not all New Forest ponies like being approached or even stroked, especially mares with their foals. They may look friendly but if feeling threatened they can bite and kick! These woodland creatures also have plenty of natural food across the forest to graze on, so please don’t feed them your left-over lunch. It is against the byelaws and human foods can also sadly harm them. If you are stopping for a bite to eat during a woodland stroll, then please make sure you remember to pick up all your rubbish afterwards as it can be seriously harmful for the animals and nature.

If you’ve never driven around the New Forest before then here are a few pointers: firstly, stick to the speed limit. On some roads, it may seem slow but if they are unfenced, horses, deer and other wildlife can easily walk in the road or suddenly appear from neighbouring land. Secondly, when approaching walkers, cyclists, horse riders and animals, it’s best to slow down and give them a wide berth during over taking. Take extra care driving at night, there aren’t any street lights and not all of the forest wildlife have reflectors, so please keep to a slow speed and remain aware of your surroundings.

There are plenty of designated parking areas throughout the New Forest for you to park your car and take pictures or go for walks so please use these instead of parking on the verge or in driveways.

Historically, some areas of the New Forest were used to test bombs in World War I and II. If you happen to stumble across any unidentified objects, please don’t touch; just notify the police.

Lastly, have fun during your visit to us; taking care of our treasured New Forest is just an added bonus. We’re so very lucky to be situated in such a beautiful location and it is there to be relished by all. Enjoy a long walk with loved ones, immerse yourself in the stunning surroundings and breathe in the fresh country air; it’ll be a trip to remember!


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